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Company Cook Out to Collect Donations for the Raleigh Dream Center

On May 6th, our team gathered for a company cook out. Together we collected 512 pounds of food donations and raised over 3,000 dollars to be donated to the Raleigh Dream Center.

RDC is a Christian-based, volunteer driven organization that provides social services and community programs to homeless, abused, and impoverished high-risk youth, individuals, and families. It is a great organization that many of our team members have worked with in the past through church related events or volunteering with family and friends.

We were happy to have Jeremy, the founder of Raleigh Dream Center, come by our event and tell us more about the organization, have meaningful conversations, and participate in our fun activities.

After collecting all the donations we ate freshly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Hats off to the chef, President of ONUG Communications, Danny Huffman, for the delicious food.

Most of our afternoon was dedicated to our company cornhole tournament. We were split into two well matched teams that ended that ended with a total score of 6 to 6. The ultimate tie breaker came down to 4 undefeated players, Adam and Joe ended up pulling out the victory. Our winning team won the grand prize trophy and a couple players walked away with prizes and the title of MVP.

ONUG Communications expects to partner with Raleigh Dream Center again in the near future. Learn more about RDC at

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