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Construction Services


Construction Services: 

  • Planning

  • OSP construction & installation


  • Consultation

  • CEV's, huts, or mini vaults including bulk and distributive power

  • Procurement

  • GIS field services

  • Walkout field surveys

  • Field splicing - Fiber / Copper

  • Inspection services

  • Mapping

  • Communications/Utility construction

  • Wiring and installation

  • Installation, test, and turn-up

"I design fiber to the home projects using AutoCAD. Being at a small company gives me the opportunity to do more than just sit at a desk and design FTTH jobs all day. I work very closely with construction crews on the jobs I design. I am also able to learn from our project managers about bidding, problem solving and construction methods. I have gained knowledge in using ArcGIS and MicroStation, as well as being exposed to point to point and fiber to the curb projects."

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- Jonathan

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